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The new luxury Atlanta homes we build are consistent with timeless architecture that embraces the best of the past and present.

In the robust Bordeaux region of France, the large stone farmhouses were built in a cottage style with shutters and sharp rooflines. French farmers used the stones they gathered from the fields as building materials, constructing fences, barns and homes throughout the country with the natural limestone and granite at hand. Some of the older shed-like buildings were constructed with the stacked stones only, each stone carefully positioned without using any kind of mortar. Many of these shelters still stand today, a testament to the ingenuity of their builders.

Rodney's homes are practical yet breathtakingly beautiful, built of limestone and brick. The homes are also honest, grounded and inspired by distinctive, classic architecture of America, Europe and Asia.

In every custom home you will find special details that will be the conversation piece of every gathering. We believe your home should be a reflection of your style and dreams. Please allow us to share our dream homes with you.

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The Estates Enon Atlanta GA

Base Price: $250,000 each/Or Best Offer
Lot 1 = 1.75 Acre SOLD
Lot 2 = 1.81 Acre SOLD
Lot 3 = 1.52 Acre
Lot 4 = 1.796 Acre

Thompson Estates Site Plan
Thompson Estates Campbellton Atlanta GA

Base Price: $99,900/Or Best Offer
Lot 1 = 0.41 Acre

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