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About SSJ Development LLC

​SSJ Development, LLC, was founded in 1991 by Rodney K. Thompson a member of The Greater Atlanta, The Georgia and The National Association of Homebuilders, he is also a member of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

At SSJ Development our competence in building is exceeded only by our "customer first" attitude. Our goal for over two decades has not been to build the most custom homes, but to build the best custom homes. 

Inspired by the timeless appeal of French Country and Asian Contemporary designs, builder Rodney Thompson has skillfully blended the most coveted facets of these gracious styles with the demands of today's modern lifestyle. Rodney's designs offer clients an architectural contour true to the tenets of French Country and Asian architecture, providing designs that are versatile as well as beautiful. 

For Rodney, several custom features are standard. A rich, luxurious look is achieved through custom designs and finishes. Rodney's flair for design is evident in every room, especially the Kitchen and Owner's Suite which includes hand crafted cabinetry.

The standards Rodney maintains are extremely high without compromise or "cutting corners". For example, the things you do not "see" in the construction of a new custom home, such as the footings, foundation and framing are just as important as what is visually obvious in the finished details. Rodney realizes this is often the largest financial purchase one will make and it is an emotional investment as well.

SSJ Development, LLC endeavors to create an atmosphere of graciousness and warmth for our clients. Part of the value we build into our new custom homes is doing our best to incorporate proven technological advances in material, methods and finishes. Also, due to the complexities of building quality custom homes, it is essential that good communication is maintained throughout the entire process, including the warranty period.

We are committed to delivering only our best to you. We offer thoughtful design, detailed craftsmanship and innovative appointments. Experience SSJ Development, LLC today.